10 things I like about SharePoint search by @molnaragnes #espc13

This is my recap on the session by Agnes Molnar 1. One search core There is no FAST search anymore, it is now integrated into SharePoint search. 2. Content capture What items are crawled by in incremental crawl: deleted items, security description changes, metadata changes, item updates. 3. Search administration at multiple levels Central admin, site collection, site You can not see the managed properties that are created at site collection level in central admin. You need powershell to do that 4. Continuous crawl You can turn this off because it needs resources. 5. Troubleshooting enhancements 6. Powershell There are more than 150 commands available for search. 7. UI enchancements There is now a hoverpanel where you can see a preview of documents. This feature needs office webapps. Works only for office and html content and only for SharePoint content, not file shares. 8. Result sources Scopes and federated search in SP2010 are result sources in SP2013. You can not merge the search result of different sources and there are no refiners. 9. Query rules and query suggestions 10. Search query builder