Office 2013 “The document could not be opened for editing”

Hi Recently we started rolling out Office 2013 to our employees and soon we ran into problems with the integration with the Sharepoint 2010 environment. When a user opened a document from SharePoint it worked but when he/she wanted to open another document the browser gave an error saying that it didn’t found a compatible Office […]

Workflow best practices: five lessons learned from five real world challenges by Mike Fitzmaurice #espc13

Don’t always use sharepoint workflow! For example in case of: transaction oriented processes application to application service activity aggressive datatransformations work that doesn’t involve Sharepoint at all blocking or modifying activity (start a workflow after a document has been deleted..) Plan to fail! Show the pitfalls to the client so it gets more easy for […]

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online Development by @jthake #ESPC13

Building blocks: athentication &authorization customization & personalization branding disasterrecovery availability site collections & subsites No more: installing sql iis .. No more ULS logging or performance monitoring is possible.. If you question wheter something is right, it probably isn’t.. Approaches: Web UI (webparts, sites, lists,…) SP Designer (branding, bcs,…) Visual Studio 2012 (anything) DON’T work […]

Consuming SharePoint 2013 from Windows 8 Apps by Paolo Pialorsi #ESPC13

Sharepoint 2013 remote API _api is new alias for _vti_bin/client.svc _api/web : team projects _api/web/lists : documents and content _api/search : search _api/site : site collection For example to get the list called ‘recipes’ browse to http://yoursite/_api/lists/getbytitle(‘recipes’)/ Or to get the items : http://yoursite/_api/lists/getbytitle(‘recipes’)/items Or to get one item: http://yoursite/_api/lists/getbytitle(‘recipes’)/Items(2) You can still use also […]

Implementing Office Web Apps Server 2013 by Thorbjorn Vaerp #ESPC13

Tip: Do NOT uninstall office web apps in Sharepoint 2010! Just disbale it! Office web apps is now seperated into a new product. Remeber it must be joined in the domain and only claims authentication will work. Advantages: You get nice preview when hoovering over a document. Alot more features have been added.. Pretty much […]

Deactivate site templates when already deleted

If you’re having site templates in the ‘Create Site’ page that you want to be deleted but you can not find them in the solution gallery you can do the following in Powershell: Get-SPFeature -Site http://SharePointSite/ You get a list of all the solutions on your site with their guids. To deactivate, run this command: […]