>Auto archiving documents


There are a lot of approaches to archive your documents in a document library. We use the following 2 solutions:

1. Archive to another document library

In this solution the users wanted a separate document library with their archive documents. They wanted to archive immediately and schedule the archivation. In this case we added 2 columns to the document library:

  • expires (date): is a existing site column.
  • Archive (yes/no)

We also create a new document library with the name “archive” (you can choose your own name of course). The archived documents will be move to this library.

To move the documents we create a workflow in SharePoint Designer. This workflow will be used for 2 things:

  • set the expire date when someone select the archive column.
  • move the document to the archive library

(the following screenshots are in Dutch – the “verloopt” fields is the “expire field”)



In this step we check the Archiveer (in English, the archive) field. When a user selected this field we set the expire date to today:


The next step checks the expire date, when the document is expired we move it to the archive library and delete it in the current library:


Now this workflow is ready to go! The only thing we have to do now is set the information management policy so that the documents can be scheduled to go into the archive library.

You set the information management policy by clicking on the document library settings > Information management policy. Select define policy and click ok. Check the “enable expiration” checkbox and set the expiration policy (in our case we choose expires + 0 years). When the document expires we want our workflow to be started. So select the new workflow. That’s all!

2. Archive to the same document library

This solution only use 1 document library. We create 2 views: current documents and archive. This is the easy and quick solution.

In the document library we a an “archive” field (yes / no) and we filter that column in the 2 views. In our navigation we add a link to those 2 views. So the users is not away of the fact that there is only 1 document library.



This is a SPUMS product.