Best practices for SharePoint 2010 Search by @molnaragnes at #EuropeanSP

rThese are my notes of the session of Agnes Molnar about SharePoint 2010 search.



  • Search technology is something your organization owns and controls.
  • Security is important: not everyone may access all the documents.
  • Dates are important: in most cases you want the latest files. Sometimes you need the previous version.
  • Taxonomy and metadata is important. They can help you find the right information.
  • The question is:
    • can we have Google in the enterprise?
    • or do we need Google in the enterprise?
  • Google is internet search, not company search. This is internal search.
  • The anatomy of search can be found on
  • Scopes
    • enhance the end-user search experience
    • create different result pages for different scopes of different content sources. This is important for mapping of the properties and metadata.
  • Federation
  • Crawled property: metadata extracted from the documents/items during the crawl.
  • Managed property: can appear in refined searches and helps the user perform more successful queries.
    • you have to create a managed property to refine search.
    • you can map one or more crawled properties to one managed property.
    • Don’t create managed properties that you’ll not use (index size!)
  • You can use ranking to “google-ize” your search results.