Building BI dashboards using excel services and performancepoint by @m_macrae at #spsbe #spsbe09

afbeelding001This is my recap of the session of Mark Macrae at SharePoint Saturday Belgium.

  • The Microsoft vision is to get the BI to everyone
  • There a 3 kinds of BI:  personal BI (user context, local machine), team BI (team context, power users, SharePoint), corporate BI (org. Context, structured data models, dashboards, SQL Server)
  • The focus in this session is on corporate BI
  • Complex business logic and security
  • Needs team of IT resources
  • The data is king and must be accurate to be trusted by users.
  • afbeelding002
  • the example uses a combination of PerformancePoint dashboard (the show the filters) and Excel services to visualize the data.
  • The best tool for printing reports is SSRS.
  • You can schedule the reports and receive then in you inbox daily for example.

This was a nice session with a real live example of using BI with SharePoint.