Dashboard madness without performancepoint service #espc13

We have concrete question forum are departement internationale services
Issue:willen Italië replace Excel uithing 5 years?
Is an integration dashboard tool.
only performance service tools
Dashboards ) dashboard ) products ) filters
Selectief in scorecard ) dropdown
Weektrend/monthtrend + barchart
source = SQL analyse service tube
Dashboard designer = enduser tool forum power user do not combine werking in designer and on the web !!!
Different object types on performancepoint content
Drage & drop to connect ) fill in property Windows pop-up
Save and deploy

DEMO 2 reportlibrary
Bases on reporting services

DEMO 3 Excel services
No dashboard filters, dynamic filter
Designer ) rightclick on dashboard content for creating columns
Selection filters are remembered.
Open in Excel only 1 part of sheet is published
New formules : cubevalue () … periode set:current week, current day, ..
Limitation: only 1 filter
it seems easy but it is difficult:new language for me

Time formula editor
SAAs time formula can alsof used in Excel, SQL SSRS not.
Botten axis = rolling 12days base = dynamic

Demo 5
Display conditions. Bv city 1 chart a, show for city 2 another chart


Element are saved in spss list

Demo 6
Color schema can be change in Excel services not in SQL SSRS
EffectiveUsername = nEw kerberos
Server-SideWinder migration = killer application

Good demotopic but not very clear speaker. difficult to understand. Very confusing not structured
I have to learning thuis. It’s the ‘normale next step in my Professional live’