Building a new business structure using Office365 @pswider #espc13

Office365 = (office + exchange + sharepoint + lync ) online Multiple instances, also for home use, ex 1 for internal, 1 for working with customers (6 usd/ month) 1 global Outlook tasklist over the diiferent instances,… = seeing everything in 1 place, works also on the webbrowser, windows phone or laptop Cost between 8 …22 usd/ month
1. accounts,
2. Register. Or change DNS domains & document,
3. Open trial account on Office365
Tip :select enterprise version to test the 2013 features Dns change:it takes up to 24 hours before it works Not all client functions our on the 365 but ‘automatically’ updated while time is running, so more and more functions are migrated. Office365 admin overview )
manage domains than add users = costs license after free period ) subscription licenses, than purchase, you can also add Dynamics CRM TEAMSITE Interesting for sharing with customers, good security No technical issues, no discussion with IT department, pay 6 usd / month and start…

Can also be used with SPD2013 for ex workflow OUTLOOK always starting from http://office…

Question: autofill…. can it be migrated too?
You don’t need unique e-mail for each preview installation Office 365 preview admin center Tab people, skydrive sync to laptop while uploading to office 365, newsfeed, …

Interesting if you listen with the point of view from a small SBE.
Very similar to Google docs.
Speaker looks like my collegue TDC.:showing the real stuff. šŸ™‚