Project server 2013: what is new #espc13

Projects today = Excel , Resource mgmt = Excel too, Goverance in Word Finance in SAP, Reporting Excel, hours in SAP, portfolios in Excel, documents in Word ?…..

anyway NO database for global Project management overview Is our IT strategy clear?
Pain 1 for our mgmt :visibility what do our employees?

DEMO Different project types AS CONTENT TYPE managed both sharepoint taks as project tasks Runs on sharepoint server and sql Everybody can use the webapp, project managers the project professional 2010

Runs in + sharepoint admin center + sharepoint /PWA
Nice name and features:service health in Office365 :list with past and coming issues.

Steven, we should do this for
Also here:check in/out mechanisme To do:schedule training with basic SharePoint actions like views, working with docs, connecting lists, …

Great reporting with Excel…
select multipel tasks or project and show chart.
Works also with other OData sources Aka Excel not yet refresh the odbc connections in Excel services. 🙁 but on final release it should be working….