Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online Development by @jthake #ESPC13

Building blocks:

  • athentication &authorization
  • customization & personalization
  • branding
  • disasterrecovery
  • availability
  • site collections & subsites

No more:

  • installing sql
  • iis
  • ..

No more ULS logging or performance monitoring is possible.. If you question wheter something is right, it probably isn’t..


Web UI (webparts, sites, lists,…)
SP Designer (branding, bcs,…)
Visual Studio 2012 (anything)

DON’T work in production environment! Use a virtual machine for dev environment and a development site collection in your sharepoint online environment.
Use a development tenancy.

Sandbox solutions:

  • Restricted API
  • No LOB (web services, odbc,..)
  • No file access
  • Current site collection only
  • No page object
  • Deployed via site collection settings


Deprecated in sharepoint online
No full trust proxies
Only site collection admins can deploy & activate solutions

Tip for javascript: Typescript!

_api support!!


The future of writing code is HTML5 and javascript!

Published by Steven Debels

Sharepoint solution architect