How to add a Google Map to a SharePoint page?

Sometimes you want to add some fancy visuals to your SharePoint page like a Google Map with an overview of your international contacts or the cities you visited once. This isn’t hard to do when you follow these steps:

Create you Google Map.

You can follow the Google instructions to create you own map.

Get the embedded code of you map

The embedded code is a piece of HTML code that visualizes you map on a page. You can get the code by clicking the link button on your map (or any other map).


Copy the code and paste it into a txt file. You can use notepad to save the code. Save the txt file in a document library on your SharePoint environment. Make sure everyone has read permissions to the file. In the code you can change the size of your map if you want to do this. You can also do this later.

Add the map to you SharePoint page

Here is the trick. Add a content editor web part to the page where you want to add your map. Instead of entering your own text you will point it to your txt file in the document library.


What will happen when you click OK? The content of you txt file will be loaded into the content editor web part and this will visualize your map. The data on your map is real time data so when you change the map on Google Maps the changes are immediately visible on your SharePoint page.

You can use the same technique to embed YouTube or SlideShare objects on a SharePoint page.