How to customize the Office 365 app launcher

In Office 365 there is a famous “Waffle icon” at the top left of the window. This is called the “app launcher”.

Via this icon go can browser from application to application within your Office 365 tenant. There are a few ways you can customize the content of the app launcher.

Note that most of the apps cannot be hidden. Apps like Mail, Calendar, People, Office Apps are there to stay. There are only a few buttons you can show or hide. These are the options:

Via the SharePoint administration center you can go to the tenant settings to show or hide the OneDrive for Business button, the Sites (now SharePoint) button and (when you have enabled this) the OneNote Staff and Class Notebook buttons.

Do you want to create your own buttons? There is an interface for that.

Go to the tenant admin and click on Settings > Organization profile.

There you find a “add custom tiles for your organization” section:

When you click on Edit > Add custom tile you can create a new tile:

A tile (button) must have a Title or name, a valid url, a description and a url to an image that will be visible on the tile. Make sure the image is 60px to 60px and available for everyone.

When you don’t see the tile immediately you can log off and on again. The title should be visible in the “new” section of the app launcher: