On any SharePoint list you can create 2 types of views:

  • A public view: anyone with read permissions can select this view.
  • A personal view: only the person who created the view can select this view.

Once you set the “Audience” of the view you can no longer change this.

In some cases you want to “Share” a personal view with others. There is no easy way to do this but you can use this hack:

Create a new view based on your personal view

Select “Start from an existing view” and click the name of your view.

Now you see that the option to create a public view is disabled. You only see this option when you have permissions to create a public view (Full Control).

Now you use the developer tools of your browser to change the “disabled” attribute on the radio button. It depends on your browser where you can find this tool. In Chrome you find it via Settings > More > ….for developers (my screenshot is in Dutch).


Use the selector to select the disable radio button and remove the disabled attribute.


Now you can select the “public view” option and go create the view.