How to organize your meetings in SharePoint with OneNote

In our organization we use a lot of meeting workspaces. Now Microsoft announced that the meeting workspace template will no longer be supported in the future. In SharePoint 2013 you can no longer select the meeting workspace template when you create a new site. The old (migrated) sites will still work.

How can you organize your meetings now? Well you can use OneNote and a combination of a few lists. Let’s start.

First you create a new empty site (site actions > new site).

In this site you create a new custom list with the name “Meetings”. This list only have to contain one column: Title. In this list we will keep track of all the meetings on this subject.


Next we create a document library where we will store the OneNote notebook. To create a new notebook you launch OneNote and create a new notebook.


When you create a new notebook make sure you save it to the newly created document library on your SharePoint site.

Now it’s up to you to organize the notebook but I’ll prefer this approach:

  • create a new section for each meeting instance
  • create a new page in a section for each meeting agenda item
    • you can create additional pages and use the subpage option to arrange the page under the meeting agenda item page.


In the SharePoint site I also create a list “Agenda” where everyone (depends in the permissions of course) can add agenda items.

This is how we organize our meetings nowadays.