My SharePoint Best Practices conference 2011 summary


This year I attended the SharePoint Best Practices conference in London for the first time. It was the first conference of that size dedicated to one topic (SharePoint) that I attended. I loved it. Great sessions, great atmosphere, excellent location!

During the conference I was one of the “live bloggers”. I covered a few of the sessions I followed. This are the posts I wrote:

I also tweeted a lot during the conference, this were some of my impressions:

  • What I learned of the #bpcuk so far? That #Howest is on the good#SharePoint track!
  • A SharePoint specialist needs a lot of soft skills #bpcuk
  • twitter is the number 3 search engine, behind Google & Bing… beating Yahoo… amazing really #bpcuk
  • Users like to collect things, use it to drive user adaption. #bpcuk
  • SharePoint is a business enabler. #bpcuk
  • Replace "send" with "post", blog instead of email. #bpcuk
  • The future is not a place you go, it’s a place you invent #bpcuk

During the conference I met a lot of interesting people (Mark Miller, Laura Rogers, Daniel McPherson, …)