Office 2013 “The document could not be opened for editing”


Recently we started rolling out Office 2013 to our employees and soon we ran into problems with the integration with the Sharepoint 2010 environment.

When a user opened a document from SharePoint it worked but when he/she wanted to open another document the browser gave an error saying that it didn’t found a compatible Office installation to open the document.

We started to search the net and found a lot of articles about this problem and ended up here:

We repaired, unsinstalled, reinstalled,.. nothing worked until my colleague found this article:

We added a multi-string value in the register at this location:


Named it “x86\2067” (2067 is the language code for Belgium) and edited it with this value: yh1BVXkAB$!!!!!MKKSkProductFilesIntl_1043>+(D$S’EC[@g%u`][c!sx

Et voilà, that did the trick!

EDIT: If that didn’t work, try this hotfix:

Published by Steven Debels

Sharepoint solution architect