Office 365 for developers at #EuropeanSP by @jantielens and @lieveniliano

These are my notes of this session:

  • Agenda
    • level of customization SharePoint
    • Server side code in sandbox
    • Client side code with Silverlight
  • SharePoint is a solution platform
    • Simple solution: customization in the browser
    • Intermediate: using Office tools
    • Advanced: code based solutions
  • In office365 only sandbox solutions are allowed. For security reasons.
  • In VS2010 you can build sandbox solutions and you can switch between farm solution and sandbox solution by changing a property.
  • You can use the Client Object model to get (or modify) data on your Office 365 sites.
  • To deploy you silverlight application you can use the Silverlight webpart.
  • You can use your existing dev skills to create office 365 apps.