Office 365: the do’s and don’t’s by @ivcrieki at #spsbe

afbeelding007This is the recap of the session of Olse Can Criekinge at SharePoint Saturday Belgium

What is Office365?

          Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Office in the cloud.

          Part of the modern office


          Know what you are describing to.

          Understand identities

  • o   Cloud identities
  • o   Federated identities

          Adfs is more than federated users

  • o   Enabled users to access spo and the onprem installation with same credentials

          Is your organization ready for O365? Use the OnRamp tools

          Check your network, check the network requirement documents online.

          Check out Azure

          Decide what you will do online and on premises

          Need to connect with external users?


          Do not not look into O365