Real Time Upgrade SharePoint 2010 to 2013 by Eric Harlan @ESPC13

What stayed the same?

  • Still database attach or backup & restore
  • Same commands: test, mount and upgrade
  • Still percentage of completion
  • Still upgrade logs
  • Managed paths configured
  • Downtime mitigation strategies

What has changed?

  • no more web analytics
  • FAST is now part of Sharepoint Search
  • OWA is now totally seperate, no more web app in Sharepoint
  • visual upgrade is now “2010 mode” and “2013 mode”
  • when installing Sharepoint 2013 there’s now a 14 and a 15 hive
  • throttle controlled site upgrade
  • only claims authentication (by default). In powershell you can still make a choice

Wen you mount the database it’s possible to render the site in 2013 mode. Only when you do the upgrade you choose to upgrade the site collection(s) to 2013.

Advice: do the upgrade to claims authentication after your environment is upgraded to 2013 via powershell.

Common upgraded service applications:

  • Search (only the search admin. Database!!, you have to re-index and stuff)
  • User profile (don’t try to upgrade the sync database.. Just do a quick new configurations. The upgrade is too much hassle.
  • Managed metadata
  • Secure store
  • BDC
  • PerformancePoint

How to upgrade?

upgrade to SP2013

Tip: allmost every upgrade freezes at 28% but don’t worry, it’s still running!

Published by Steven Debels

Sharepoint solution architect