REST assured #espc13 Hilton Giesenow

ODAta Services *
67% in the room is developer.
I follow this session to know wat my collegues will do in the Nextel edition.
Soap ** xmlgoo **  clientside OM (CSOM)& REST. Service : what to choose? –) in 2013 “merger” = client.svc
&$filter= startswith(title,’a’) –) Odata
_vti_bin/client/svc/lists is now _api/lists
Nice stuff for me :URL investigation
Rest:no camel and shorter code
Demo of writing effective for each() code…212 kb –) 1.2 kb
Multiple ajax queries –)  $filter… & $expand… 

Writing back crUD
Form digest:keep out the riff-raff

Very nice speaker. A power user as i am can understand him.