Sharepoint 2010 “group by” problems in views

Since our upgrade to Sharepoint Server 2010 we didn’t experience much problems but some reactions came though from the users about the new UI and views of their data.

Here are two problems we had with views:

1) When the users opened a list or library with grouped views and they clicked one of the groups and go back to another group or another page the grouping feature blocks.

The problem is that Sharepoint tries to remember which group was opened before but the javascript code behind fails to do so. Luckily Microsoft launched a hotfix for this in August. Here’s the link:

2) On our Sharepoint intranet we work with a lot of content types. So me made some views that group on those content types in SP2007. Now that we upgraded to SP2010 it is not possible anymore to group on content type.

Here is the workaround:

– Open the view you want to group on and click in the ribbon on the dropdown “Modify View” –> “Modify View in Sharepoint Designer (Advanced)”
– Search for the GroupBy tag and add <FieldRef Name=”ContentType”/>

GroupBy ContentType

(the above example groups on two fields)

– Save and close Sharepoint Designer and refresh your page.

The bad thing about this solution is when you edit the view again in the Sharepoint UI, the group by content type will disappear again and you have to edit again through Sharepoint Designer.
We can only hope that MS will bring this feature back in a fix or SP.

Published by Steven Debels

Sharepoint solution architect