SharePoint 2013 App development workshop by @sahilmalik at #ESPC14

This morning I took an early flight to Barcelona to attend the European SharePoint Conference over there. Last year this conference was organized in the coolest city of Europe: Copenhagen. This year they’ve to invite the sun at the conference.

The first day is a traditional SharePoint workshop day. You can attend a whole-day workshop with topics like: BI, Admin, Governance, App development. All presented by top trainers of the SharePoint community. I was in the SharePoint 2013 App development workshop of Sahil Malik. One of the best. A fine speaker that isn’t following a predefined book but who uses a lot of real world examples. The room was filled with SharePoint developers who all wanted to learn more about the App model.

What are the things I remembered?

  • That you can do a lot client site by using CSOM or REST (was also in SP2010).
  • That sandboxed solutions are not deprecated, only the sandboxed solutions with .NET code are deprecated!
  • That the app model still contains some holes.

To summarize, there are the golden rules of SharePoint apps:

  • Apps never run any code on the SP server.
  • Apps are downloaded and installed (marketplace, corporate catalog or API)
  • In the UI, lists and libraries are called Apps. There are not really apps!
  • Apps never run from the same url as the SharePoint server
  • Apps are installed in a SPWeb (HostWeb). Apps can store information on an AppWeb (optional) that also runs on another url.
  • Apps can use server side code but on another server
  • Apps are secured using OAuth or S2S trust (for oauth you need office365, your data can be still on premise)

This are the tweets I selected during this workshop:

Oh, yes … the food was delicious 😉