SharePoint and mobile with css and html5 #spsbe by @kevinderudder #spsbe03

afbeelding000This is my recap of the session of Kevin DeRudder at SharePoint saturday Belgium.

  • why you should create mobile sites? In 2013, now, more mobile devices Will Be visiting your website than desktop devices.
  • how you can do this?
  • You need to identify your content already in html
  • Hide irrelevant content on mobile pages with css
  •  There are two options: create other page for mobile or use media queries.
  • you need to set device channels
  • create masterpage, start from a minimal page not a blank page.
  • with design manager link the masterpage
  • only for publishing sites
  • Design manager is the tool to brand your SP sites.

Responsive design?

  • use media queries
  • min. IE9 or use a js library for older browsers
  • never use with but use max-with in your media query
  • use the bootstrap cuss for responsive navigation