SharePoint Governance: implementing end to end by @danholme #espc13

This are my marks on the sessen about governance by MVP Dan Holme.

Steps for implementing a governance plan

Identify business needs

What are we trying to achieve?
Why does it matter?
What woild it take to deliver? What is the risk? What could go wrong?

Define, design, develop, deploy, …

Architect the solution


Establish policy
Identify scopes and control that enforce policy
Measure cost of enforcement

A policy that is not enforced is a suggestion.

The development phase: release, refine, revisit, revise and repeat.

The project lifecycle is not equal to the development lifecycle. Do not mix them together.
Take a look in the App store before you start, maybe there is an app for that!

Drive user adoption
Embed the user in the entire process.
Market the solution, tell the user what user pain you solve not the business decision behind it. Branding matters, do not tell the users it is SharePoint.
Train and message, don’t train the users SharePoint but how to achieve their measured goals (why, how, what else)

Optimize operations
Document your operations, what is an input, output and how do you get there.
Measure the operations, set SLA’s, costs of operations.
Automate with powershell, third party tools, …

Manage the portfolio
Create a catalog of services
Monitor current state
Evaluate, are the specifications still valid?
Trigger them

You can’t spend your entire first project to be perfect.