SharePoint Starter Series: creating a SharePoint list

This is one of the most common questions end-users ask. “How do I create a list?”. Well that’s easy but you have to pay attention to some guidelines.

  1. To create a list you need site owner permissions (or a custom permission level where the create list permission is added).
  2. Before you create the list take a piece of paper and define what type of list you need (document list, pictures, media, custom list, …) and write down the columns (and their type) the list will use. If there are some lookup columns then check if the lookup lists already exists. If not … go back to step 2.
  3. Now you can create your list by clicking on “Site actions” and “More options”
  4. Select the type of list you want to create, give your list a name, a description and choose if you want to add the list to the quick launch navigation on the left side.
  5. Now you created you list, before you start adding extra columns to the list modify the permissions. By default the permissions are inherited from the site. When that is ok you can leave the default settings if not then we have to break the inheritance and define our own permissions.
    Go to you list, click the “list” tab and select “List Permissions”. Now you can beak the inheritance by clicking “Stop inheriting permissions”
    Now you can modify the list permissions. Add, edit or delete users here.
  6. The final step is adding the custom columns to you list. You do this by clicking your list, then select the “list” tab and click the “create column” button:
    Do this for each column you want to add.

In another post in the “SharePoint Starter Series” I’ll explain the different types of columns.