Best practices for organizing documents in SharePoint 2010 by @molnaragnes #EuropeanSP

There are my notes of this session: More about Agnes Molnar: The amount of documents in an organization doubles every 6 months. How can you create a structure? content types document sets metadata management workflows … Folders vs. document sets document sets: you can store documents in here, that enable users to collaborate on […]

Office 365 for developers at #EuropeanSP by @jantielens and @lieveniliano

These are my notes of this session: Agenda level of customization SharePoint Server side code in sandbox Client side code with Silverlight SharePoint is a solution platform Simple solution: customization in the browser Intermediate: using Office tools Advanced: code based solutions In office365 only sandbox solutions are allowed. For security reasons. In VS2010 you can […]

Best practices for SharePoint 2010 Search by @molnaragnes at #EuropeanSP

rThese are my notes of the session of Agnes Molnar about SharePoint 2010 search.   Search technology is something your organization owns and controls. Security is important: not everyone may access all the documents. Dates are important: in most cases you want the latest files. Sometimes you need the previous version. Taxonomy and metadata is […]

Drive adoption and get users excited with SharePoint 2010. #EuropeanSP

This  are my notes of the session from Matt Berg at the European SharePoint conference 2011 in Berlin. There is a huge shift in the industry 4 million millenniums are entering the industry. They always had the internet What makes SharePoint different? it is integrated with office apps and other it’s flexible interoperability, you can […]