The European SharePoint Conference 2013, personal thoughts #espc13

Last week I was, together with all the members of the “most talented SharePoint team”, a guest at the European SharePoint conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. In a beautiful city at a beautiful venue called the Bella Center.
During the week I wrote a lot of blogposts and did interviews with some of the key members of the SharePoint community (I will post the video in a few days). One of the things that was remarkable is the fact that the European SharePoint is growing. More than 1400 people were at the conference. A conference that was organized as it should be: perfect. A big thank you to Helen, Mary, Declan and all the others.

As SharePoint is evolving also the content of the conference is. It is clear that SharePoint is an important business platform. You could notice that at the fact that there were a lot of business sessions. Some other things I noticed:

I should get a deep dive into JavaScript and HTML5. This is really getting more important. I have a .net background and feel comfortable with Visual Studio. Doing JavaScript development seems like taking a step back into time. I looks sloppy coding in that language.

It must be hard to select and screen all speakers at such a conference. Not all of them were at the same level. A few of them were even bad. It takes more than knowledge to become a speaker. You must be able to inspire a public.

Oh and one thing I may not forget to mention: what a community those SharePoint boys and girls! Always willing to help, advice or make fun.