The four facets of SharePoint productivity by @buckleyplanet #espc13

This is my recap of the session of Christian Buckley at the European SharePoint conference. You can follow him at @buckleyplanet

How productive are your end users on SharePoint?

SharePoint is like vanilla icecream, everyone likes it but they want chocolat and a cookie on it.

Online tools like Yammer, Lync help collaboration.
There are synchronous tools (Lync) and asynchronous like wikis, discussionboards, …

Tools are more becoming integrated and seamless and enterprise platforms are moving productivity between streams of work.

There must be a business ROI for improving productivity. For example: faster employee boarding, more business output, …

4 ways to improve productivity
Taxonomy, metadata

Impacted by all 4 of them:
Search optimization, metadata strategy, social strategy, feature and solution prioritization, change management process.

Workflow is the number one productivity solution

Most common use of automation for an end user in SharePoint
Reduce hunt an peek by simplyfing interactions
Allow enforcement of government rules

Why use forms?
Simplify the user interface,users do not know it is SharePoint.
Break down complex tasks
Give step by step instructions
Capture more complete data

Why are social tools important?
Social is a part of search.

Folksonomy: End user generated keywords using their own vocabulary.

Change managenent must be transparant for the end users. Make the process stateful and current.

Before talking about productivity check the out of the box functionality. Understand the business value of SharePoint.