The hidden agenda of the SharePoint community?

I love the SharePoint community. I’ve never seen such a caring group of experts sharing their knowledge through blogs, Twitter or other channels. Until a few months ago I never doubted about the true intentions of the community members. We all shared our information. Period. No strings attached, but is this still the same? In the past few months the SharePoint community grew almost exponentially. There are a lot of new members who are sharing and caring but are they are true? Many of them are consultants; they are selling SharePoint solutions for living. That scares me because sometimes I’m not sure if they are really telling the truth, the right solutions for your problem. Do they have a hidden agenda, like selling their products or services? How can I be sure of this?

Let me repeat my first line: I love the SharePoint community! I’m just a little concerned about the quality and how the preserve this.

How can I be sure that the information is true? Do we have to rely on the feedback and comments at the end of the articles or do we have to trust on the bio of the authors?

What do you, community members, think?