>The making of the ListViewNavigation WebPart


Many or our SharePoint users create a lot of lists and document libraries with a lot of views. I’ve created a webpart that shows the user the lists and/or document libraries with their views.

image image

There are a few setting to set:

  • You can show or hide the list description.
  • By default all the lists and/or doclibs are shown. You can enter the lists names you want to hide (separate multiple items with a semicolon)
  • You can choose to show lists and/or documentlibraries

This post gives an overview on how the webpart is created:

The webpart loops all the lists (a document library is also a list!) in the current site.


For each list we check is the “show lists” or “show document libraries” checkbox is checked. When the “show lists” checkbox is checked in the settings of the webpart we also have to exclude the document libraries or else they’ll be shown:


When we can show the list, we generate the HTML code. In that function we also loop the views of the list:


Download the webpart by clicking the “Pay with a Tweet button” below: