The path to our SharePoint 2010 migration – part two

In the previous article I described our migration path. After the migration we were able to start our intranet site and browse it but we also encountered some errors:

  • We have a Dutch installation and our global navigation seemed to the be broken:
    The solution was the manually create a document library in the root and called it “Pagina’s” (Pages in Dutch).
  • The layout of the homepage was not changed. We used this powershell command to fix it:
    $webapp = Get-SPWebApplication http://start.*****.be

    foreach ($s in $webapp.sites)

    {$s.VisualUpgradeWebs() }

  • We used office web apps and we had to add a trusted location for excel as described in this article.
  • On views where we used grouping we got a javascript error. This was solved by installing this hotfix.