Use SharePoint to manage your bookmarks

I used to be a delicious user but some time ago I discovered how to use SharePoint to manage my bookmarks. You can store internal and external bookmarks together with you profile. You can even share them with you colleagues.

It all starts with you own MySite. When you go to you MySite you’ll see a “Tags and Notes” tab.


That is the place where you can find all your bookmarks. When you click on the tab you will see a hyperlink on the bottom of the page. That is the magic hyperlink!


You can drag and drop the hyperlink to you browsers favorites (or bookmark) toolbar. It works on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Now you can browse the internet and when you find some useful information you can bookmark it easily by clicking the bookmark link. A new window will open where you can tag your new bookmark. You can choose to create a public (default) or a private bookmark.

There is also a tab “Note board” where you can add notes to a particularly page.

To visualize the links you can use the “Tag Cloud” web part that you can find in the “Social collaboration” group.