Use the Title field in a SharePoint List Filter WebPart

SharePoint has a few nice build-in filter WebParts. One of them is the List Filter WebPart where you can show items from a certain view in a list and let the user select one (or more) values. You can use the selected values to filter for example a list WebPart. When you add and configure a Web Part you need to select a “value” field and (optional) a “display” field. You can compare this to a html combobox of listbox. The value field is the value that is used to send to the connected WebPart. The display field is what the users sees in the control. Sounds easy but when you want to use the “Title” field in one of those 2 controls there is on little catch.

The filter WebPart use a view to get the list items and shows the columns of that view. You can’t select Person or lookup fields and in some case the Title field is also hidden. You can use the title field only when you at the “Title” field as a text field. Do not select the “linked” Title field. In that case it will not work.