Visual Studio and Team Foundation Service uses wrong default user

For all my projects I use Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Service. Did you know you can store your code in the cloud for free (up to 5 team members)? I registered to store all my projects.  You can do the same for your projects by navigating to and register your space. You’ll get:

  • a free workspace up to 5 users
  • unlimited number of projects
  • Version control (TFVC or Git)
  • Work item tracking
  • Agile planning tools
  • Feedback management
  • Build (in preview at the time of writing)
  • Test management (in preview at the time of writing)

When I registered my code was already on a local installation of TFS so I had to move it to another space. I use a global Windows Account (company account) as administrator to do this. I move my files (using Visual Studio) with the Source Explorer. When I opened Visual Studio then next day I noticed that I was still connected to the TFS with the global (migration) account although I logged off and logged in with my personal account. Somehow Visual Studio remembered that initial account and connected with that one. Some googling learned me that the default account was stored into the Credential Manager. You can access that via the Configuration Panel.


I had to look for the right server entry in the Credential Manager and edit that value. Now my problem is solved and Visual Studio connects with the personal account to my TFS!