>Workflow is not starting on creation of an item


Last we had a strange problem with one of my student. He created a workflow in SharePoint Designer with the following startup options:

  • start manually
  • start on create
  • start on change

When he started the workflow manually the workflow worked well. When he created (or changed) an item the workflow did not start.

I posted my question into the twittersphere with the #SPHelp hashtag and received the following suggestions:

  • Stuart Blank and Daniel Glenn: suggested to check the list permissions, those were all ok.
  • Yuri Burger: suggested to check the list item security (only see own items), that was not the case.

Thank you guys for helping me. The problem was the fact that my student used the FQN of the server to browse to his list. That FQN was not added as alternative access path in the central administration of the server. Adding the FQN solved the problem!